Grateful for my Co-workers: Day 5 & 6

I work for an organization which is always under fire. Every time I go to work, there are protesters outside yelling at us and yelling at our patients. I don’t believe they are accomplishing anything other than adding to some people’s misery, but I have to defend 100% their right to protest. I attend protests as well. They generally involve things like protesting against pollution, climate change, lack of government action, and quashing of women’s rights. But my beliefs are not everyone’s so if I have the right to protest, so do they.

But my co-workers are solid. We are in this to take care of our patients, no matter what. We take care of patients of all socioeconomic strata, all colors, all genders, and all gender identities. We treat everyone with respect and do the best we can to provide them the highest quality, compassionate medical care possible.

How can I not love my co-workers? They are hard-working, dedicated, compassionate, full of life and humor, and just the most supportive, fantastic co-workers I have ever had. May I say that I LOVE my co-workers. We work long hours and never leave until the last patient is seen, taken care of, and ready to go home. But we all do it with heart and intention and integrity. The best job I ever had. These people are my inspiration and my support system. One could not work with a better team!

The photo is of two of my colleagues (and me) who drove 45 minutes with one of their daughters to attend our Christmas party last year. Forty-five minutes ONE WAY. An hour and a half in total. But they were there, and they were not the only ones I work with to drive so far just to be together at the holidays. I regret that we did not have our annual Holiday Open House this year, but next year will be better than ever. And I will hold these women in my heart forever. Happy Holidays!

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