Grateful for Old Friends: Day 3

Do you have a photo that always makes you smile whenever you catch a glimpse of it? This one does it for me. I have it framed near my desk. This is my book group, many years ago, celebrating a beautiful holiday gathering at the perfect log cabin in the woods. We were so young! We have gone through so much since then – divorces, deaths of parents, re-marriages, and an unfortunate falling out. The rift that was created was so profound that this great group of women who had met and supported each other through more than a decade dis-banded and meets no more.

But we still keep in touch and keep the hope alive of meeting again, at least with most of the group. No matter what happened or “whose side you are on”, I know I could ask any of these women for anything. If I were ill or in need, they would come to my aid, and I would help them in any possible way as well.

The memories we share are rich and filled with joy, love, pain, family, community, personal struggle and redemption. To have such deeply heart-warming memories to recall, to know that there are women in your life you can depend upon no matter what, these are tremendous gifts for which I am truly grateful.

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