Don’t Muzzle the #Michigan68 !

Thoughts of holidays and good will toward men lead me to believe that the #Michigan68 would be successful this week in negotiating a reasonable contract with the ostensible new employer PSJ and Providence/Providence Park administrators. Not so.

It is disappointing to report that a fair and just contract was not able to be reached, and the CRNAs have pledged to keep working for the hospital system until a new vendor/contractor can be found who will negotiate with them in good faith. They are upholding the standards of nursing by caring for their patients in a professional, safe, and dedicated manner. Their fate, however, is still in peril.

Even more so now that they are individually and collectively being threatened with lawsuits MERELY FOR TELLING THE TRUTH. Well I am telling it as loud as I can, and hope you will pass this along and do the same. We MUST INSIST on ethical and equitable treatment as medical professionals, just as we provide the same care for our patients. Nurses are the largest constituent of the health care work force and need to advocate for ourselves, our profession, and our patients. Please do all you can to spread the word and support the #Michigan68

The story directly from where it’s happening can be found here:

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One thought on “Don’t Muzzle the #Michigan68 !

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    The broader themes of workplace bullying, sloppy attempts at merger and acquisitions, and employee expectations of honesty are at work in this standoff between nurse anesthetists, their hospital, and the corporation that “bought” them. #Michigan68 What else would you like to know about the situation?


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